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Miniatures May Sale! Up to 35% off your favorite miniatures
Miniatures May Sale! Up to 35% off your favorite miniatures

Twilight Imperium - War for the Throne

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War for the Throne is a 128-page full-length adventure that pits your players against some of the most dangerous adversaries in the galaxy! Travel to strange locations, investigate mysterious occurrences, and go toe-to-toe with vicious monsters and evil overlords. This adventure features equal parts intrigue and swashbuckling action, with the chance for your characters to save the Imperial throne, Galactic Council, and maybe the entire galaxy from death and enslavement at the hands of a perfidious foe.

EPIC SPACE ADVENTURE: Join the Keleres in a 128-page full-length adventure to thwart the Mahact Gene-Sorcerers and save the galaxy. INTRIGUE AND ACTION: Experience a perfect blend of galactic intrigue and swashbuckling action in a roleplaying game set in a vast universe. CHALLENGING ADVERSARIES: Face off against dangerous foes, including the malevolent Mahact, and navigate complex political landscapes. MYSTERY AND EXPLORATION: Investigate mysterious occurrences and travel to strange locations in your quest to protect the Imperial throne. HEROIC MISSIONS: Take on the role of underfunded Galactic Council agents, with the fate of the galaxy hanging in the balance.