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Spring Cleaning Sale! 15% off Storage Solutions
Spring Cleaning Sale! 15% off Storage Solutions


A group of cosplayers with text displayed over it: Saturday April 20th Game Haven Sandy 9860 S 700 E      12PM-6PM Mini Con and Cosplay Meet up Game Haven

Game Haven MINICON

Game Havens MiniCon is a small fan created event for big fun! Join us for artist alley, meet ups, gaming, cosplay, creators, food truck, goodies, and more!
MiniCon Spring 2024 will be held Saturday April 20th, at Game Haven Sandy. 9860 S 700 E, Sandy, UT 84070.
The best part, attendance is completely free! 
the text reads "EVENTS MINI CON AND COSPLAY MEETUP" over a photo of people gaming on tables and vendor booths in the background.


Check out the schedule of events here! 


Cosplay: Some helpful things I’ve learned along the way - 12:15PM Room 1

Redacted Cosplay will be going through a slide show of tips and tricks with people who are thinking about getting into cosplaying, need some inspiration or helpful pointers or want to know more about it!

Constructing Budget Cosplay Costumes and Props - 1PM Room 1

Learn from Eric Allen Hall on how to use items from thrift stores, surplus stores, and other inexpensive provenance to create great looking cosplays and props.



Symptom☆Star & Jazi Kat - 12PM

Combining J-pop idol concepts with local flair, LuvULink Productions is a Utah-based idol production agency focused on growing the budding idol community in Utah and helping both solo idols and idol groups achieve their unique goals. LuvULink Pro will be hosting a collaboration performance featuring dance quartet Symptom☆Star and producer Jazi Kat. Expect a healthy dose of nostalgic sounds with J-pop, Vocaloid, and exciting original eurodance and pop music!

We Star - 4:30PM

Hello! We are, We Star! An idol performance group hoping to showcase our skills and share our smiles through Jpop and Kpop! At Minicon, we’ll be showcasing our dance covers for the cosplay community!



Quest Forged Arena

Playtest Steven Crowes Quest Forged! Enter the arena in this strategic player-vs-player tabletop game! Choose three champions from a large roster of characters, each with unique playstyles and abilities to claim victory!


Demo Assimialtion before it comes out! Assimilation is a quick-paced asymmetric zone-capture/battling game of galactic proportions.

Games by Scott Nelson

Demo some of the works by local game designer Scott Nelson.


the text reads "VENDORS MINI CON AND COSPLAY MEETUP" and has a photo of artist Nimtzart standing in his booth surrounded by original art work of his.


Vendors Spring 2024


Anthony Romrell

Ali Gines Art Studio

The Desert Goblin


Cassini Closet

Quacken Cosplay

Red Palette Art

The Tansy Patch Studio

Art by Kino

Richi Art

Rainbow Synthesis

Gummy Shark


Star Juice Creations

Space Babes Art

Lauren Scribblez

Madam M Apothecary

Pinkee Pokie

Moon Rabbit

Cute Aggression Ears


Sleepy Rogue 

Anime Fitness Alliance

Basketcase Art


If you would like to get updates on vending at future events, sign up to our contact list here.


Dakine Grindz

One of our favorite food trucks is back! Dakine Grindz will be serving from 12:30pm-4pm! Grab a bite of their mouth watering Hawaiian/Filipino food at the event!

Food truck parked called DaKine Grindz.

Cafe Battlegrounds

Cafe Battle Grounds is the local, geeky cafe located inside Game Haven in Sandy and Bountiful, Utah. They have pastries, hot and cold beverages, and boba! Try a tasty treat while at Mini Con!

The Philidalphian

The Philadelphian is offering 15% off 8 inch sandwiches for MiniCon attendees! No-frills sandwich joint popular for its Philly-style cheesesteaks, plus cold subs & fried sides.



the text reads "COSPLAY MINI CON AND COSPLAY MEETUP" and has a photo of several star wars cosplayers posing against a white wall


Cosplay Contest

🎀 Show off your fantastic cosplay and compete for awesome prizes in the cosplay contest at Mini Con! 🏆

🧵Cosplayers may enter as long as 50% or more of their cosplay has been hand-made, hand-crafted, repurposed, or edited by the cosplayer.

🔎Judges will rate cosplay based on the quality of work, creativity, difficulty, and overall presentation. Cosplayers will be split in different skill levels depending on experience.

🎟️ Sign-ups and Judging will take place 2-4pm in Room 1 at the event, and short performances begin at 4pm. Good luck cosplayers! ✨

Cosplay Meetups

What cosplay meetups do you want to see at Mini Con?

Cosplay Rules and Policies

  • To enter the cosplay contest, Cosplay must be at least 50% made by the contestant. Contestants my be 16+ or with a guardian.
  • No metal or wood weapons.
  • All prop Firearms must be incapable of firing projectiles or have an orange cap on the barrel.
  • Cover your body parts. Paint or Pasties are not considered a costume. The costume should be no smaller than a standard swimsuit. No intentional or unintentional "wardrobe malfunctions" are allowed. Please make sure your costume is sturdily constructed; this includes proper undergarments (Spider-Man's). 
  • Shoes are required to attend.
  • Always ask the Cosplayer prior to taking a picture of them.
  • Service animals are allowed, assuming they are wearing the proper identification and you pick up after them. Emotional Support animals are not allowed at this time. 


Important Information




Parking is shared with several other businesses! Please do not park in the 5 nearest parking spots on the south side of the strip. Attendees may park anywhere else in the main lot, or if its full can park behind the building on the west side. 

Overflow parking can be directed to the north in the strip mall neighboring Game haven. Please be courteous, try to carpool, and be safe! 

For more updates follow us on Facebook and Instagram @MiniConUtah
Questions? Email us at