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25% OFF Board Game expansions

Fate of Cthulhu

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A handful years from today, the Great Old Ones arrive and plunge our planet into a nightmare of chaos. Twenty years later, a small and battered group of resistance fighters seeks to save humanity with a wild, last-ditch effort: use the extra-dimensional power of the Elder Gods themselves to time-travel back to our present day and stop the Apocalypse. You are those one-way travelers from a dark future and their crucial allies from the present day, working together to save the human race from looming apocalypse. Armed with foreknowledge of Judgment Day, you must succeed at a series of vital missions aimed at restoring hope to the future.But the clock is ticking. The corrupting influence of the Great Old Ones is sure to affect you before the end, twisting you slowly and inexorably into something alien and unrecognizable. Can you defeat the vast unknowable evils of the Great Old Ones before you become a monster yourself? Find out in Fate of Cthulhu!Fate of Cthulhu contains all the rules you need to play:• The full Fate Core game system condensed to about 50 pages but still supporting the standard Core skill list, stunt building, and more.• Rules for corruption, where characters sacrifice more of their humanity to take on monstrous abilities to fight the apocalypse.• A timeline alteration system for tracking key events leading up to the apocalypse that the players change through their actions and choices during play, including support for ripple effects and time paradoxes.• Support for heroic last stands that sacrifice a character but help turn the timeline towards a better outcome.• Rituals and spells that offer great power at a cost, treating spells as secrets of arcane Elder technology that must be sought out in play.• Five detailed apocalyptic timelines plus rules for running them and making your own.