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25% OFF Board Game expansions
25% OFF Board Game expansions

D&D: Three-Dragon Ante: Giants War

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Long ago, dragons and giants fought a thousand-year war......and the human survivors commemorated the battles by adding the giants to their high stakes card game of luck and skill, THREE-DRAGON ANTE!With over 100 new cards THREE-DRAGON ANTE: Giants War adds a whole new way to play the classic Dungeons & Dragons® standalone card game! You’ll mix in new Giant suits, while you split the stakes in two: the Dragon Stakes and the Giants Stakes. Players fight for the stakes where their flight is strongest, giving you new routes to victory!There is also a new way to find Legendary Dragons and the new Giant Gods. New powers let players draw powerful cards from the Legendary deck!This expansion requires Three-Dragon Ante: Legendary Edition to play!Contents:21 Standard Dragon Cards2 Legendary Dragon Cards56 Standard Giant Cards19 Legendary Giant Cards2 Mortal Cards3 Endgame Cards6 Reference Cards2 Stakes Disks6 Player Standees8 Mortal’s Allegiance Tokens1 Rulebook