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Spring Cleaning Sale! 15% off Storage Solutions

My First Carcassonne

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Children can discover the great city of Carcassonne with this fun tile placement
game! The city of Carcassonne is celebrating its national holiday. As is the
tradition, people mark the occasion by setting the city's sheep, hens, and cows loose in the
streets. From dawn till dusk, the children of Carcassonne have the time of their lives trying to
bring these animals back home. With My First Carcassonne, players of all ages can experience
a new version of the modern classic. Each turn, you place a tile to build the Medieval city of
Carcassonne. As the game progresses, the children of Carcassonne—illustrated on the cards—fill the
streets trying to catch animals. Whenever you close a street with one or more children marked with
your chosen color, you get to put pawns on the board. The first player to place all their pawns
wins the game! Designed for ages four and up, My First Carcassonne brings children
into the fun of building the city of Carcassonne. It maintains the same core game design that makes
the original Carcassonne a classic, while eliminating the need to count high scores. Place
the tiles and as many of your pawns as you can. The streets will echo with laughter as animals are
caught and returned home safely!