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Spring Cleaning Sale! 15% off Storage Solutions
Spring Cleaning Sale! 15% off Storage Solutions

BCW Toploader 100 pack

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Original price $10.99
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  • Unmatched Protection: These trading card sleeves are renowned for setting the standard in card protection. Safeguard your collection from wear, scratches, and other potential damages. These card top loaders provide top-of-the-line card protection.
  • Designed for Security: Our top loaders strike the perfect balance, being less flexible than semi-rigid holders and more flexible than magnetic card holders. This ensures your cards remain safe even if accidentally dropped.
  • Dimensions and Clarity: Each top loader is standard-sized with outer dimensions of 3x4 inches, accommodating items slightly smaller. The sleeves are clear with a slight blue tinge, allowing every detail of your card to shine through.
  • Multi-Purpose Use: Utilize these trading card top loaders to protect, store, or proudly display your cards. The crystal-clear clarity with a subtle blue tinge ensures that your cards' details are showcased with perfection.
  • Comprehensive Card Compatibility: Tailored for standard 3x4 inch cards, these top loaders fit flawlessly, offering a secure fit for items slightly smaller. BCW also provides a range of top loaders catering to different card thicknesses.