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Spring Cleaning Sale! 15% off Storage Solutions
Spring Cleaning Sale! 15% off Storage Solutions

UNLOCK! Secret Adventures

Original price $36.99 - Original price $36.99
Original price $36.99
$36.99 - $36.99
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UNLOCK! Secret Adventures is now available in a big box format that includes
3Adventures. The tricky Professor Noside returns in “A Noside Story,” the continuation of the
carton-style adventure; players must once again stop his plans before it’s too late. Players
will hop aboard a locomotive adventure in the western themed “Tombstone Express” to prove their
deductive and gun-slinging skills. In “The Adventurers of Oz,” players rediscover the
Wonderful Land of Oz as they visit the Wizard and challenge the Wicked Witch of the
West.UNLOCK! is a series of escape adventures for up to six players. With one hour on the
clock, players must work through a deck of sixty cards as a team, searching for clues, combining
objects, and solving puzzles. The free UNLOCK! companion app runs the timer while providing clues,
offering hints, and confirming successes. Once the team has reached a solution and entered the
correct code into the app, they win the game!