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25% OFF Board Game expansions
25% OFF Board Game expansions

Elder Sign: Omens of the Pharaoh

Original price $27.99 - Original price $27.99
Original price $27.99
$27.99 - $27.99
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Elder Sign: Omens of the Pharaoh is an expansion for Elder Sign, a dice game forone to eight players filled with Lovecraftian horrors. Based on the Dark Pharaoh expansionfor the Elder Sign: Omens app, a team of investigators must join an expedition intoEgypt to stop the rise of the Dark Pharaoh Nephren-Ka! In Omens of the Pharaoh, theinvestigators will discover that there are some mysteries best left buried. An archeologicalexpedition in the deserts of Egypt has brought your team of investigators face to face with thethreat of the Dark Pharaoh, Nephren-Ka, who seeks to once again stalk the earth after being struckdown centuries ago. The Lightless Pyramid game mode lets the investigators travel back and forthbetween Cairo and Dashur to gather supplies and gain special gameplay advantages by advancing theparty’s Expedition. Gather powerful Relics to bolster your chances of stopping Nephren-Ka andexplore Hidden Chambers to reveal the powerful Elder Signs that you’ll need to stop the rise of theAncient One! This is not a standalone product. A copy ofthe Elder Sign Core Set is required toplay.