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25% OFF Board Game expansions
25% OFF Board Game expansions

Dinosaur Island: Rawr and Write

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Original price $29.95
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In Dinosaur Island: Rawr 'n Write, your goal is to build the best dang dinosaur theme park youcan! You do this by collecting DNA to make Dinosaurs, hiring Specialists to use their uniqueabilities, and building Attractions and special Buildings to enhance your visitorexperience.However, Dinosaurs are dangerous, and if you don't put some effort into keepingyour park secure, you might just "lose track" of some of your visitors...All of yourprogress (and missteps!) will be marked on your Park sheets, where you draw the layout of yourpark, store and spend resources, and record your progress. At the end of the game, you each scoreyour performance, and whoever has the highest score wins!