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25% OFF Board Game expansions

Cluebox - Escape room in a box. Sherlock's Camera

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🔑 ESCAPE ROOM GAME – Experience the ultimate combination of marble run maze, escape room game and IQ puzzle with iDventure Cluebox PRO Sherlock’s Camera! The Cluebox PRO is a brain teaser puzzle featuring a series of captivating logic challenges that must be solved step by step to unlock the wooden puzzle box. Designed for 1-2 players aged 14 and above, it's the perfect blend of fun and challenge for all puzzle game enthusiasts. 🕵️ FASCINATING STORY – During the inventory in the Scotland Yard archives, a camera with mysterious symbols and locks was discovered. Can you solve the last mystery of the famous detective Sherlock Holmes? Open the camera and discover the identity of Sherlock's successor! ♻️ REUSABLE BRAIN GAMES – Our Escape Room in a box offers you 90-120 minutes of immersive gameplay. After you have solved our treasure box, you can simply reassemble the Cluebox PRO and let other players solve it. The Cluebox is not just a game, but also a stylish home accessory made from the finest laser-cut birch wood. With its appealing wooden design, this 3D puzzle for adults and teens is an instant eye-catcher and a great gift idea. The size of the wooden puzzle box: 12 x 12 x 11 cm 🎁 CREATIVE GIFT IDEAS – Cluebox PRO Sherlock’s Camera stands out among other wooden puzzles for adults due to its original concept and unique design. Are you looking for a small gift box to make your money gifts stand out? Our 3D puzzle treasure chest is not only a fun and engaging challenge but also a fantastic money box for cash gifts. The size of the secret space inside the wooden puzzle box: 5 x 2 x 2 cm. 🏆 REWARD – As a reward for solving the 3D puzzle you can immortalize yourself on our Wall of Fame. Experience the thrill of our Escape Room Game, delivering an immersive adventure with a level of challenge similar to an advanced Exit Game. The ultimate puzzle box challenge awaits you!