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25% OFF Board Game expansions
25% OFF Board Game expansions

Clue: Squishmallows

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Use your best deduction skills to help out Squishmallows in this playful take on the classic mystery game! In CLUE(R): Squishmallows, someone has crashed the squad's sharing party, and now Winston's mac n' cheese is missing! Take on the roles of Leonard, Cam, Lola, Zozo, Avery, and Emily to explore a fancy mansion and find out WHO took the mac n' cheese, WHAT item they left behind, and WHERE they stashed the dish!Ages 8+2-6 players60+ minute play timeContents:Game Board (9 locations)6 Character Movers/Bases6 Custom Tokens6 Personality Cards21 Rumor Cards21 Support Cards Cards1 Pad Custom Clue SheetsEnvelope2 Six-sided DiceRulebookThe Op - Usaopoly product must be sold in your brick and mortar retail store, or on your retail store website with associated URL/domain that you own. The Op - Usaopoly product cannot be sold to or listed on Amazon or any other third party websites or online marketplaces. Licensor restrictions prohibit sales of The Op - Usaopoly product outside of the U.S. and Canada.