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Spring Cleaning Sale! 15% off Storage Solutions
Spring Cleaning Sale! 15% off Storage Solutions


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Kingdomino: The Court is a free print-and-play expansion for Kingdomino or Queendomino and contains a small board, 59 resource tokens and 25 characters and building tiles.

At the begin of the game, the 25 character and building tiles are shuffled and three are revealed. The remaining pile is placed faced down.

The game is played as usual, but when the dominoes have been drawn, the following resources are added to each square without a crown: wheat field – wheat; forest – wood; lake – fish; meadow – sheep.

At the end of each round, a player may pay resources. Either 2 different ones to recruit a character or build a building from the small board or 4 different ones to choose a tile from the face-down pile.

The obtained character or building can only be placed on tiles without crowns and resources. Buildings give additional crowns and can only be placed in the appropriate type of land, e. g. a mill on a wheat field; characters give additional points depending on surrounded resource tokens, crowns or other characters and can be placed on any land square without crowns or resource tokens.