Oh my gosh! Where do I even start!!! I was on the hunt for Pokémon cards for my soon to be 12 year old sons birthday. I had looked at all the big box stores and couldn’t find anything. I happened to be in the dollar store next to Game Haven and walked in to their store 3 minutes before closing. KASEY and his crew were incredible!!! They could have easily told me they were closed and rushed me out. Instead they started digging through their personal decks and between maybe the six of them gave me the most incredible gift to give my son. A big stack of their cards!!! I was about in tears. The community, love and kindness from Kasey and his crew was indescribable. They took their time to help a mom out. I will 100% be returning with my son tomorrow to buy more and with all my kids for all our future game needs. Kasey and this shop are hands down the best! Thank you for everything!
Xo - just a mom trying to give her kid a good birthday