About Game Haven

Founded in 2010, at Game Haven we believe in bringing the family back around the table.

Founders Shawn Rhoades, Shawn Guy, and new owner Lee Fisher believe that a game store should provide a family friendly environment to learn and play games not available in the big box stores. We also strive to make a haven where everyone is welcome! We have a large selection of Demo games available for play at any time, so always feel free to come and learn and new game. Come in and meet our amazing Game Haven family and join us for your next adventure!

As the premiere gaming store in Salt Lake county, we have card games, board games, puzzles, coffee shops, roleplaying games, comics, and even free Wifi.

We are always buying Magic the Gathering and Yugioh Collections; see one of our staff for details on receiving cash or store credit!

Shawn Rhoades

Store Owner

“Shawn Rhoades has been an avid gamer all of his life. He is a loving father and husband, and truly believes that games can help us stay connected to those we love. His favorite games are Dungeons and Dragons and Magic the gathering, but he truly loves them all.”

Shawn Guy

Store Owner

Shawn Guy always dreamed of opening a friendly, clean and bright game store where those like him could find what they need, and be around people who enjoy the same hobbies. His favorites are Dungeons & Dragons, any games in the horror genre, and board games of all varieties. When not gaming Shawn is focused on his career as a support team leader, exercise, and his loved ones.

Lee Fisher

Store Owner

Lee has avidly enjoyed strategy games since a young age from chess and Hero Quest to Magic: the Gathering and Settlers of Catan. Lee is actively engaged in the Magic community and as a Level 2 judge has traveled across the US to staff large events. Lee feels there are few things better than spending time with friends and needing a great dice roll or to draw a specific card. Lee hopes we can help you share more of these gaming memories with your friends and family!